Safety Training Kiosk

Addsoft Safety Training Kiosk (ASTKTM): Safety is always concern for every industry/organisation. Because of the complex work environment and compliances, there is always need for security & Safety trainings for the pepoles. Though it is difficult to avoid every unfortunate incidence, preparedness & continuase training is the best way. Classroom training via trainer is the best method for safety training but it consumes more time & resources. Beside this it is difficult to organize training separately for Visitors, Contract Workers/labours, Employees, drivers etc, and evaluate. Documentation is an important aspect of training & evaluation process which need to be maintained for the safety audits. ASTKTM streamline issues associated with safety training and compliances required for audit.

Addsoft designed touch screen based kiosk with audio & video that supports, regional languages like Hindi, English, Odia etc. and by watching the incorporated video & audio, users can be trained in a short time. The evaluation module which helps in confirming the effectiveness of the safety training.This particular model plays general company advertisements when not giving inductions, so people can see updated company information as they walk by the kiosk. The units have full reporting functionality so that each week or month the statistics are automatically sent to the Health and Safety officer.

Features & Functionality:
  • Complete solution with necessary hardware & software for safety compliances as per industry standard.
  • Provides a rich library of industry specific safety majors and customizable by users to suit their specific industry.
  • Multilingual – Unicode Compliant supports language like English, Hindi, Odia etc.
  • Multimedia –Supports, Videos etc.
  • Disable Friendly – Audio help for Visual Impaired.
  • Facilitate users to create question banks questions are selected in random order for evaluation (for Employee,Visitors & Labour) of the safety training.
  • Safety Compliance certificate/permit on successful Completion of Training with photograph.
  • The ASTKTM integrated with Mobile & Web APP.

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