Self Service Kiosk

Addsoft recognized widely as a leader in integrated software & product manufacturing solution provider. Now creates a new standard of excellence with an elegantly designed interactive kiosk, with innovative design & application.We offer the broadest skill sets to handle our customer’s unique requirements and offer the shortest turnaround times in the industry.

At Addsoft, we translate the imagination of our customers into products that provide unmatched reliability and an outstanding customer experience.With the technological landscape constantly evolving, Addsoft is right at the forefront of kiosk innovation and we take great pride in our ability to deliver outstanding products in our industry.

Our specialist team of engineers and software developers combine all their skills and expertise to deliver intuitive, stylish and reliable kiosks that can be adapted to serve a variety of different applications and marketplaces.

Our Self service kiosks provide you the flexibility to embrace emerging technologies and reduce operating costs and generate ROI. Empower your customers to avoid queues, and use self-service kiosks to choose between services, place orders, check-in for appointments, open a bank account,Conference, take a ticket to travel, Know the status of the ticket or simply find the way.

  • In-house design and software expertise
  • State of the Art CNC manufacturing capacity
  • Installed base of Kiosks throughout the country
  • Easy navigation with the use of touch screen technology
  • Customized design with Innovative ideas
  • End to end solution availability across all industry verticals


Addsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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