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Explore a Touch-screen Based 360° STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM That Can Be the Best Solution for Complete Safety Training.

With the intent to digitize the safety management systems, Addsoft Technologies presents STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM. Workplace safety training is crucial for every single industry as it enables the management to ensure a safe working environment. It helps organizations recognize and correct the safety hazard in their work premises.

Being an industry expert and pocketing 16+ years of experience in risk management, safety, & technology, Addsoft has designed and manufactured various customized STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM solutions for many industries. We have tried to make our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM suitable for all types of users by providing features like multi-lingual and giving height that’s appropriate for physically disabled people to use.

We understand that safety is always a concern for organizations, and with proper training sessions, the unfortunate occurrences can keep away. Our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM is an innovative and effective solution for those companies looking for interactive Kiosks. We aim to give companies the ability to manage a safe workplace without spending an enormous amount of money and time.

Our STK process flow is as follows

Interactive & Customized Safety Training Kiosk (STK) made in India for various Industry

Our STK is complied with best hardware and software combination that makes our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM one of the best STKs in India.

With our manufacturing set-ups, in-house software development team, and hardware experts we deliver the best safety training solution in form of STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM.

STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM Hardware

We offer a complete solution with necessary hardware parts to support the software for creating training modules, Demonstration of training videos, Evaluation & generating reports. Our hardware of STK comprise with-

  • Touch screen monitor
  • GTS monitor
  • Camera
  • Biometric
  • Keyboard
  • Printer
  • Breath-analyzer

STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM Software

We make sure to provide the best software solution to make our STKs function smoothly. Our STK software basically comes with 2 vital usages;

  • User
  • Administrator

STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM User

  • Once user enters, the first user would do is choosing preferred language
  • Our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) is multi-lingual, so that every group of user can understand
  • User will choose a category like if the user is a first-time visitor or earlier had given visits which redirects to the user details section
  • User has to fill mobile number, name, address, the purpose of visiting, etc
  • System will verify the fingerprint and evaluate user’s details
  • After that training program page will appear
  • User has to choose a training program according to his need

STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM Administrator

We provide for STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM all types of big brands, corporate, and government sectors. So we have made our process very simple to use STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM.

  • Administrator can create different training modules with administrator login ID
  • Admin can set Kiosk information, set languages, create & upload training modules
  • Admin can create different modules for different Trainee Types like; driver, visitor, or employee
  • Admin can provide various types of training videos like; induction, fire safety, works on height etc
  • Admin has the access to create quizzes

STK Safety Permit Generation

Once user will complete watching safety training videos, he has to appear a small quiz test. If user passes in the test, our STK will generate a safety permit for the user with all their details.

Employee Safety Training Kiosk (STK) made in India for various Industry

Vital Features of our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM

  • Creating safety training module
  • Safety program demonstration
  • Safety training evaluation
  • Generating safety permits
  • Participation details via mobile app
  • Generation of analytic report
  • Rich library of industry standard safety videos (which are customizable)

We also provide mobile app to ease the use of kiosk

STK™ MOBILE APP: To view the kiosk information and generate report remotely from administrators can use our Android Mobile App. (The kiosk needs to be connected to the internet)

Get your own Safety kiosk training on your smartphone with STK app

We take pride to say that our STK (Safety Training Kiosk) TM can be customized for every single industry. We offer rich content for industries from Paints, Glass, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Power, Hospital, to Automobile, and many more.

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Safety Training Kiosk (STK) made in India for different industries

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